About Me

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am a Kindergarten teacher that loves what I do!
I love anything with glitter and anything pink. I am a total girly girl but love to run, teach spin and anything active.
Just a little bit about me:
I am married to a wonderful guy that keeps me laughing every day. I had the wedding of my dreams and I love our life together…it’s fab ;0) Our wedding night was the most fun and memorable night of my life.
I have a dog named Maggie…
She bursts through the front door whenever I don’t close it all the way, pulls every piece of trash out of the bathroom, jumps on the counter and pulls off food, barks at the UPS truck, pulls my arm out of socket every time we go for a walk, hates squirrels and jumps on every person that walks in my door. But…she’s my favorite animal and I wouldn’t have it any other way 🙂
My favorite place in the world is the beach. Doesn’t matter where…just sitting on the sand with the sun and the sounds of the waves. It’s my happy place.

KK_beach legs

I hope that my blog will give you some great ideas to implement in your classroom!

Happy Teaching 😉