Book Study: Work-sheets Don’t Grow Dendrites, Starting February 28th!


Get Ready to do some on-line professional learning with some of your favorite bloggers! After visiting the Ron Clark Academy, so many of us are so inspired to find ways to reach our learners in fun and exciting ways! Starting February 28th, we are going to be hosting a linky party each Tuesday and Saturday with chapters from this book: 


Linky parties will take place on these different blogs each time. Here is the order so you can plan accordingly ­čÖé

Kickin it in Kindergarten– Chapters 1 &2 (February 28th)

Mrs. Wills Kindergarten– Chapter 3 (March 7th)

Queen of the First Grade Jungle Chapter 4 (March 10th)

Fabulous in First  Chapter 5 (March 14th)

One Extra Degree Chapter 6 (March 17th)

Mrs. Jump’s Class┬áChapter 7 (March 28th)

The First Grade Parade  Chapter 8 (March 31st)

In April, you will be visiting these girls for the remainder of the study:

Mrs. Ehle’s Kindergarten┬áChapter 9 &10 (April 4th)

What The Teacher Wants Chapter 11 (April 7th)

First Grader At Last Chapter 12 (April 11th)

Erica’s Ed Ventures┬á┬áChapter 13 (April 14th)

KinderGals Chapter 14 &15 (April 18th)

A Rocky Top Teacher Chapter 16 (April 21st)

The Inspired Apple Chapter 17 (April 25th)

Little Warriors Chapter 18 (April 28th)

Falling Into First Chapter 19 (May 2nd)

Kickin’ it in Kindergarten Chapter 20 (May 5th)

You can join in for whatever part you like! If you are not a blogger, that is OK! We will want you to join in on the fun. You can participate in the conversation in the comments. We want this to be a positive collaboration between teachers! The whole point is to encourage each other with inspiring ideas while still using research based best practice.

We hope you will join! Here is a YouTube video where you can hear a little more about what the book is about.



  1. yay!! I applaud you for this book study – awesome and very needed!!! As bloggers, we need to share how worksheets do not replace instruction and should never be the basis of our day with kids. Yayy for all of you for sharing this book with others! Thank you!! ­čÖé ­čÖé Looking forward to reading this! ­čÖé

  2. I just went and purchased this from Amazon so I can participate with everyone. Reading about everyone’s experiences at RCA have inspired me, as well! And I didn’t even go! I’m so excited to get this book and start reading and engaging my students all the time! Can’t wait for this to start! ~ Lisa

  3. Yes! I’m so delighted about this book study. I think so many teachers believe they can not have accountability in their class or show mastery without worksheets. It’s just so far from the truth. Early childhood technically covers children through 8 years of age. We need to remember what is developmentally appropriate for that sector and respond to the way they learn best. Can’t wait to follow along.
    A Differentiated Kindergarten

  4. Have seen Marsha Tate as the keynote speaker and presenter. Love her! Can’t wait!

  5. Excited to participate in this book study!

  6. I am excited to follow along with this book study! I’ve already ordered the book!

  7. I just purchased the book. I am not a blogger, but definitely follow many of you.

  8. Color me IN! So excited!!

  9. Cathy Giallorenzo says:

    i’m a follower.

  10. I”m excited to read and hear all about this! I think this Linky will be a great book study! Can’t wait to help grow more dendrites in my little kinders! I”m hoping to be able to share this with more educators around my area!

  11. YIPPEE! I Love Marcia Tate! I have this book & return to her strategies over & over again! I will be a “follower”! Wendy 1stgradefireworks 1stgradefireworks

  12. She came to our school at the beginning of the year and Marxia is super inspiring! You leave her wanting to do your best teaching ever and trying to think of new ways to incorporate everything she says. She is phenomenal! Ant wait to start the book study!!

  13. I just purchased my book for this study. I’m excited to learn new strategies to use in my classroom. I blog about my classroom through my Facebook. I follow many of your blogs though! I can’t wait to get started.

  14. I’m really looking forward to this – thank you SO much for coming together and providing this opportunity for other teachers. You ROCK!!!!!

    Holly ­čÖé
    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

  15. I don’t blog but love to read them snd share comments. ordered my book 2 days ago. Can’t wait to follow.

  16. I just bought the book and can’t wait to start! This is just what I needed to get back started blogging. I can’t wait to see how I learn and grow as an educator.

    Elizabeth L.
    The First Grade Jungle Room

  17. I’m so excited for this book study!! As a new teacher, I’m really excited to learn more about these learning strategies and what I can do to help my little learners. I’m also looking forward to connecting with other educators and I’m very inspired to blog more. Thank ya’ll so much for this book study. Super excited!!

  18. Yvonne Rodgers says:

    I can’t wait to participate in this event. My book will be here on Monday!

  19. I can’t wait to participate! I’m buying the book for my Kindle tonight!

  20. Sheryl Qualls says:

    I can not wait to start this. Not sure how to do it since I don’t blog but hopefully I can figure it out.

  21. Shelly Sloan says:

    I’m sooo excited about this.

  22. Deborah Dolan says:

    Looking forward to this! Bought my book over the weekend and am excited by what I’ve read so far.

  23. I can’t wait to start this with all of you. I was smiling today when my 2nd grade reading students looked at
    the small clay on the table and were wanting to play with it. I said, “It is not quite done yet, but I have an activity I will be doing with you that involves clay. Don’t worry you’ll get to play with it ! ” I don’t fit the mold at times, I feel. If they need kinesthetic, which they do to lock down their sight words (and help my student smart goal)…. here it comes. Little do they know that color sand and tubs are tucked somewhere and if I could find another collection of Scentos markers– I would buy one of each ! A former K teacher… I have not given up on teaching whatever way that reaches the child.


    Ms. D’s Literacy Lab

  24. Dawn hursh says:

    So excited to read this book &participate!

  25. Carrie Funk says:

    Just bought this tonight after seeing Deanna Jump’s thoughts on the first 2 chapters. I’m trying really hard to cut down on my worksheets. Can’t wait to start reading it!

  26. I linked up, too. I am loving this book! Thank you so much for hosting it!!