Good morning!

I think I am still trying to recover from Vegas this morning. Last week, I had a great session on BUILD math and a lot of questions that came with this. It is definitely a system that has worked in my classroom and I am going to continue this year.

I made a quick 2 minute video to discuss how I organize BUILD tubs in my classroom. I know that I still had some questions when I finished last week and I also know not everyone was able to make it to Vegas, so I thought I would share some information. Just click here and it will take you to where you can watch this video.


This was the freebie that I shared last week in my post from the conference that I had talked about during my presentation.


Like I mentioned in the video, this is part of my “Christmas in July” sale.


If you missed the conference sale last week, you can find them today on sale.


Stop back by tomorrow and I will give you a few ideas and tips on Literacy Stations!


  1. So I totally want to jump on these while they are on sale today, I’ve been dying to try these… but I see you have August, and then winter and spring. What about fall? Will you have a fall bundle done by the time school starts (I start right after Labor Day).

  2. Oh, one more question… sorry to be a pain! LOL! Will August be included in your Fall bundle when you do get it completed? I know I said I don’t start school until after Labor Day, but I would like to own that packet too. My first instinct was to buy it today because it’s on sale, but then I just realized, you’ll probably be putting it in the Fall Bundle… right?

  3. Elizabeth Parker says:

    How long do students spend on their BUILD tub each day?

  4. Kristi Bohnenstengel says:

    How do you decide you many of each letter (BUILD) you create? Since it is on a rotation do the kids use one letter each day and then cycle through again?

    • Yes! I don’t actually use the term BUILD for the tubs because it’s too confusing for the kids. Tubs 1&6 are Buddy Games, Tubs 2&7 are Using Manipulatives, Tubs 3&8 are Independent Reading, Tubs 4&9 are learning about numbers and tubs 5&10 are Doing Math. Does that help?