Candy Science Experiment

Am I the last person on the face of the earth to drop mentos in a bottle of Diet Coke!?!?!

Hello…so fun!


So put this in your back pocket for when school starts. This would be a fun experiment to do around Halloween when kids have a lot of left over candy. Then, all you really need is just some 2 liters of Diet Coke and you are SET! I thought you would need clear cups…but turns out it takes forever for the mentos to do anything in the cup so just use the bottle.

*The key is to make sure that the mentos all go in at once. What I did to make that happen is cut part of the mentos package so I was able to just stick the part of the package in the bottle and then this happened.

Amelia was obviously over me trying science experiments in the backyard but I know your kinders will appreciate it more than she did 🙂

I will warn this experiment outside because it will be sticky. I didn’t even use the 2 liter because I saw the videos of it and it really does make a big huge mess!

Even dropping the sprees in caused a little bit of a reaction but not the one I was really looking for.

One of our standards in science is to examine and investigate. You can also talk about making a prediction and then checking to see if they were right. I made two investigation pages that you can use for this experiment and whichever one works better for your kids!