Back to School Read Alouds

There are not many things in life that make me happier than back to school. Everyone posting on IG of their fabulous finds at the dollar spot in Target and their PD fun just makes me happy happy! I love the excitement of a new group and everyone just recharging to get ready for the […]

Poetry for Little Readers

This year was a little different for me teaching TK instead of K. Not just in the fact that my students were almost a year younger, but my classroom setup was completely different and I had to make the most out of my chair pockets. In the past, I had always used binders for poetry. […]

Egg Word Hunt

It’s Easter week! I know a lot of you are probably like me and grab the foam holiday shapes. Of course, I was in Michaels and grabbed the eggs because the possibilities are endless, right? I have the hearts for Valentines, pumpkins for Halloween, trees for Christmas…etc. I love it even more when I grab […]

Phonemic Awareness Set 4 Intro and Freebie

Hey everyone! As you know, I am working to get Set 4 of the Phonemic Awareness set finished. However, this weekend has been a bit of a mess because of a trip to the emergency room with Francy and it’s taking her some time for both of us to recover. Nobody was here so it was […]

Fairy Tales for the Classroom

This week is one my favorite weeks in Kindergarten! It’s Fairy Tale week! We started out by learning about the elements of a Fairy Tale. Since Fairy Tales are familiar stories, students are able to think of stories that they’ve read before that fit some of the Fairy Tale elements. We also did a poem […]

March Curriculum Map

Just dusting a little bit off the ole’ blog today friends. Life has gotten a little crazy so I am sorry that I never posted February’s curriculum map. If you are wanting to take a look at it, you can click here to find it. But HERE is March! March came in like a lion […]

Pre-K Conference Notes

I love getting to spend my days with such sweet teachers and today was no different! First and foremost, I promised everyone that I would have the handouts from my first session available on my blog today. If you are looking for the work-sheet free handouts. Click right here and you can get them! All […]

January Curriculum Map

A few days late but here is our big ideas for January! I love January because it feels like a fresh start. I was so impressed with my kiddos yesterday when they were writing about their winter breaks. It felt like they were really taking their time and trying to sound out words. Because I […]