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We had such a fun day making snow foam! It was incredibly easy and the kids loved it. I’m not going to say it was as clean experiment but that could be the fact that I dumped half a box of Baking Soda on the floor while I was trying to pour it in the […]

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A few days late but here is our big ideas for January! I love January because it feels like a fresh start. I was so impressed with my kiddos yesterday when they were writing about their winter breaks. It felt like they were really taking their time and trying to sound out words. Because I […]

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It’s that time of the year where we are all scrambling to find some meaningful activities while still trying to be festive! I love talking about reindeer this time of the year and doing a lot of various fiction and non-fiction books. Here are some of my favorites! This is so fun to have up […]

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Sorry I’m a few days late but I’m still recovering from my trip to Minnesota! We already started our Gingerbread unit this week where we do a lot with comparing characters and stories. I also have the students start using character pictures to re-tell the story. As we all know, December is a crazy busy […]

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Bah! Sorry friends….a few days late on this one. I have been a tad wrapped up in the Cubs winning the World Series. I am a die hard fan so it has been a big week with very little sleep 🙂 Woohoo!!! Go Cubs!!!! My kiddos were all excited because I was so excited. This […]

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Well it has been a hot minute since I have written a post and let me tell you, it’s not because I don’t want to! BUT doing my new little TK class and having Amelia (who has been sick pretty much the entire time she’s been back to school #kidgerms) hasn’t left me a ton […]

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Happy Monday! I was going to put this picture on my IG and tell you all that I was putting together my summer buckets and I know I am going to get a lot of questions so I thought it was the perfect time to hop on here and write a quick post on what […]

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Did you remember that Sunday is Mother’s Day? Do you know that I’m a first time mom and this snuck up on me… So, I bought some white gift bags on the way home from school and had my kiddos decorate them. In the bag we put a few different items. The first one was […]