Classroom Newsletter Freebie

Do you send a newsletter home to your parents? Hopefully, you do and if you don’t…then I think I can help you out! Newsletters are a great way to touch base with parents and let them know what is going on in your classroom and if you send it consistently on the same day, then […]

What is TK?

Let me go ahead and start off by saying that I never dreamed that I would be walking out of my Kindergarten classroom to teach something other than what I have been doing. When I first moved in to that classroom, I thought that surely I would be there for 30+ years doing what I […]

8 Key Comprehension Strategies {Freebie}

For the past few weeks, at our school, we have been talking about comprehension strategies and thinking about what we do and what we can continue to do to strengthen our kids comprehension throughout all of the grade levels. Our reading coach had a great visual (that I fixed up a little…) that we can […]

V.I.P. for Classroom Management

I got this FABULOUS idea from Rachel at The Tattooed Teacher. She has her own V.I.P. table and all kinds of cool things that she does with her kiddos. I was able to take her amazing idea and turn it in to one that worked for me in my classroom. I don’t have the space […]

Teacher Week: Classroom Tour

Happy Wednesday! Are you ready to share pictures of your classroom? I’m not going to lie…I didn’t do anything differently this year. When you are 6 months pregnant and going back to teach K, you’ve gotta pick your battle. Tackling a hot glue was just not happening this year. So, I’m going to confess…these are […]

Kindergarten Color Days

We have been having so much fun doing our color days this week. We started the week with red and followed with orange, yellow, green. Each morning, the kids have a morning task of color word work to complete. We play the color songs (which I’ll share here in a minute) and work on just […]

Peek at My Week…Color Days!

Last week was getting to know the rules and routines. I pretty much feel like I got nothhhhing done except for that. I over planned so now I have a huge stack of extras that you might pop up here and there for the next few weeks. After doing this for a few years, I […]


One thing I remember from college that I have always used as a way for my students to learn about each other is Me-Boxes. Each year, I have students put together their Me-Boxes at the beginning of the year and we also use it as their memory boxes at the end of the year. I […]