Snow Foam Activity for Little Learners

We had such a fun day making snow foam! It was incredibly easy and the kids loved it. I’m not going to say it was as clean experiment but that could be the fact that I dumped half a box of Baking Soda on the floor while I was trying to pour it in the […]

SDE Kindergarten Conference Recap

I am so excited to be presenting today at the Franklin SDE conference because these are my stomping grounds! Every time I speak at a conference, I try to recap what was discussed and throw a sale in my TpT store. Critical Thinking I hope that you are able to walk away with some tangible ideas from […]

Button Stem Activity

I saw this fun Button Stem activity while looking for some STEM activities for my kids and knew I had to give it a try! First, we read Pete the Cat and his Four Groovy Buttons. I usually teach subtraction with this book but since I’m in TK this year, not sure when subtraction will […]

October Curriculum Map

Well it has been a hot minute since I have written a post and let me tell you, it’s not because I don’t want to! BUT doing my new little TK class and having Amelia (who has been sick pretty much the entire time she’s been back to school #kidgerms) hasn’t left me a ton […]

Tuesday Vegas Sessions

  Vegas Day #2! We are covering a whole bunch of content today. Same as yesterday, anything that is in my TpT store is on sale through the rest of the week. I put this is my post yesterday, but just in case you didn’t see it…I can’t post entire slides and presentations due to copyright issues. […]

Candy Science Experiment

Am I the last person on the face of the earth to drop mentos in a bottle of Diet Coke!?!?! Hello…so fun! So put this in your back pocket for when school starts. This would be a fun experiment to do around Halloween when kids have a lot of left over candy. Then, all you […]

Day and Night Sky with Moon Experiment

Whew… I am exhausted! Getting back in to the swing of things has been an adjustment for sure…but we have been learning lots of great things this week! The first thing we did this week for day and night sky was read about it (I mean…how else do you introduce a topic!?)   The students […]

Day and Night for Little Learners

Realizing that this is a standard I am going to teach the week I get back, I figured it was time to get a jump on things and create a unit to use that week! The standard is that students are able to tell about things they see in the day and night sky. We […]