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I am a little late on my Peek at My Week this week because I have thoroughly been enjoying my Fall Break. I went and got myself a prenatal massage (which I highly recommend to any pregnant people out there), finished the nursery, done a little shopping and really just got some good R&R. I […]

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We’ve got a busy week planned ahead. We are going to be studying about transportation, science tools and environmental print. I am in the midst of putting my transportation unit together as we speak, and it should be done in the next couple of days. I just want to try it out with my kids […]

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It’s weather week! We are going to be eating thunder cake, learning new weather vocabulary and doing some cloud watching. In the middle of all of that, we also have our April presentations about Field Trips this week. It’s supposed to rain all week so I guess this week is the perfect week to learn […]

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I never do science related posts so I’m going out on a limb here and acting like I know what I’m doing when it comes to science. I’m exaggerating…but really….I don’t consider it my strength. I have been making an effort to make it my strength and engage my kids in more meaningful science activities […]