Phonemic Awareness Set 4 Intro and Freebie

Hey everyone! As you know, I am working to get Set 4 of the Phonemic Awareness set finished. However, this weekend has been a bit of a mess because of a trip to the emergency room with Francy and it’s taking her some time for both of us to recover. Nobody was here so it was […]

Phonemic Awareness Set 2

Happy Saturday! I am finally finished with Set 2 of my Phonemic Awareness Activities! People ask, does it really only take 5 minutes? Yes! Once you start to get in the groove, you get a little quicker and the students know what to expect. I have a FB live you can watch for this set […]

Kindergarten Literacy Stations

It’s day two of my video tutorial/Christmas in July week. I knew that I would be participating with my friends for Christmas in July, but I wanted to make sure that I gave you some good content and insight. That’s where this whole video idea came from. I am going to try to stick with […]


Good morning! I think I am still trying to recover from Vegas this morning. Last week, I had a great session on BUILD math and a lot of questions that came with this. It is definitely a system that has worked in my classroom and I am going to continue this year. I made a […]