It’s Station Time

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This is a management tool that I have been using in my classroom to run my literacy stations for the past five years. It works like a charm! I included two of each so you can use one to display in your pocket chart {or whatever display you use} and attach the other one to the actual station. I punch a hole in the top of the card and attach it with a binder ring so I can change them out.

My last principal told me she appreciated how the name of the cards correlated with their task. I agreed with her and decided to keep the system and build on it. I hope it is tool that you will find beneficial as well!






Cards Include:

Alphabet Avenue
ABC Station
Artist’s Alley
Builder’s Place
Block Station
Big Book Station
Beginning Sound Boogie
Book Boulevard
Buddy Reading
Blend Bop
Book Buddy Bag
Book Bag
Computer Station
Compound Court
Dice Drive
Diagraph Dilemma
Dramatic Play
Dot Paint
Dictionary Drive
Environmental Print Corner
Exploration Station
Exercise Post
Final Sound Finder
Fine Motor Station
Flip Book
Grammar Grove
Home Living
Listening Station
Letter Lane
Library Lane
Magnetic Mountain
Match Up
Mystery Can
Magazine Search
Names Nook
Overhead Station
Publishing Place
Poetry Station
Pocket Place
Punctuation Detectives
Puzzle Place
Play dough Corner
Read & Write the Room
Rhyming Road
Stamps Station
Spelling Space
Sequencing Corner
Sort Street
Sentence Building
Sticker Station
Spin the Top
Sound Switch
Social Studies Station
Science Station
Sand & Water Station
Syllable Station
Teacher Trail
Word Family
Word Hunt
Writer’s Way
Word Wall Wizard
Word Way
Wipe Off Boards
Weekly Reader

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