Weather for Little Learners

Slide1 Weather for Little Learners')"> Weather is one of my favorite units to teach! This is the perfect unit to incorporate with your kiddos!

This unit includes:

-Book Suggestions
-2 weather poems with activities
-Meteorologist emergent reader
-connection pages for “Thunder Cake”, “Little Cloud”, “Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs”, “Pickles to Pittsburg” and “What Will the Weather Be?”
-Literacy Stations {recording pages included for each} with ink saving options
-Differentiated Syllable Station
-Weather Sentence Building
-10 Color Weather Word Cards
{cards can be used for Differentiated ABC order and/ or Read & Write the Room}
-Dictionary Drive (editable version)
-Throw Down The Sounds {phoneme segmentation}
*3 ink saving versions of sentence building, abc order and read/write the room.
-Spring/not Spring picture sort
-Storms “Can/Have/Are
-Clouds “Can/Have/Are
-What to Wear Emergent Reader
-What to Wear Picture Sort Cards and activity
-Vocabulary cards with differentiated weather vocabulary

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