Egg Word Hunt

It’s Easter week!

I know a lot of you are probably like me and grab the foam holiday shapes. Of course, I was in Michaels and grabbed the eggs because the possibilities are endless, right? I have the hearts for Valentines, pumpkins for Halloween, trees for Christmas…etc. pastel_craft_foam_easter_eggs

I love it even more when I grab them from the dollar bin at Target…I always feel like that’s a major win right there.

We are going to be having a CVC egg hunt this week and I wanted to share what we were going to do with them this week.

My plan is to hide the eggs around the school and let the kids “hunt” for their eggs while doing a little CVC work.


I wrote the words on the eggs and they are going to write the word and draw a picture of the word they picked. Obviously, I have more eggs than I do words for them to record but that’s because I like giving students an element of choice when it comes to activities like this. I have a copy of the recording page if you would like it. Of course, you can come up with whatever you’d like to write on the eggs, but it’s just a general recording page for you to use!


Hope everyone has a great week!