Gingerbread Week

We had a busy busy week with Gingerbread stories.

One of my favorite activities to do during our literacy time is to compare the characters and the settings in the story. I keep these charts with me all week and each day we compared the different versions. That is what is so great about these books…they are great for comparing texts!


They also compared characters using a Venn Diagram. One of my favorite Gingerbread stories is Gingerbread Baby by Jan Brett.



Other literacy activities that we did were re-telling the story using our “story-telling” words. This is something that I model all year. I walk through it with them and then they have to re-tell with their reading buddies on the carpet. They also have to go home and re-tell it to their parents.


I was also really proud of my kids with their writing this week. I feel like they really stepped their game up. Not only did I ask the kids to re-tell the story using their “story-telling” words, but I also had them write using the same language. We came up with our own “How To Catch a Gingerbread Man” together as a class. Then, I had the kids go back to their seats and create their own. They turned out to be pretty funny 🙂

There were tiny handcuffs, nets, and pots involved.

This is an activity that you can grab for free. 



I also had them come up with their own Gingerbread characters and create a story about them. We brainstormed action verbs and different animals that could have been a gingerbread person.



We also had a lot of fun incorporating our stories in to math activities. One of their math tubs was counting by 5’s.


Another activity they did in math tubs was “Roll a Gingerbread Man”. They had to follow directions and complete the gingerbread man according to the number.


We also had a gingerbread cookies taste test. They all had to bite in to their cookies and then we graphed which part of the body they ate first and compared our findings.



Lastly, we made gingerbread glyphs that turned out great!


Hope you have a great weekend! If you are still looking to do some gingerbread activities, you can find them all here 🙂



  1. Missy Birkemeier says:

    Where do you find your gingerbread cookies and what brand?