January Curriculum Map


A few days late but here is our big ideas for January! I love January because it feels like a fresh start. I was so impressed with my kiddos yesterday when they were writing about their winter breaks. It felt like they were really taking their time and trying to sound out words.

Photo Jan 10, 2 27 53 PM

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Because I was so embarrassed from that snowman, snowman book…that I made a new one. It’s free so grab it!


We did it yesterday and the kids were so excited that they were able to read it because it follows the same format as Brown Bear.

Photo Jan 10, 10 54 24 AM

Photo Jan 10, 11 11 04 AM

Photo Jan 10, 11 14 15 AM

I’ve got our math tubs out and even though the snow is gone…they are still loving our week of snowmen!



We are also really working on our sight words and getting those mastered! I have a giant magnetic board in my room that I love using so we are going to add words as we introduce them.

Photo Jan 08, 5 37 03 PM

Even though I’m a little late getting the curriculum map to you this month, at least I have some pictures to share with you!