Why I Love Worry Woos!


I have not done a good job telling you all about WorryWoos this year. I  am just simply in love with them. A third grade teacher at our school shared them with us and the entire K team has been using them all year.


There are six different Woos and each “monster’ has their own story.

Nola is the monster of loneliness. Rue is the monster of insecurity. Squeek is the monster of innocence. Fuddle is the monster of confusion. Wince is the monster of worry and Twitch is the monster of frustration.

 Nola is my favorite.


You could have heard a pin drop when I read this to my kids for the first time. They become so wrapped up in the books and connect with the characters on a level that is beyond anything I have ever seen or used in my classroom. It has been such a powerful tool to use in the morning during morning meetings. We continue to re-visit the characters and often re-read the stories.

Another K teacher made some character charts for us to use in our rooms to describe the characters and to analyze them further. I’m not 100% sure what the copyright is on the images but I’m guessing they probably don’t want us to share images of what we’ve purchased. At the end of this point, I’ll put in something that doesn’t violate their terms and hopefully you will get your own set so you can use it in your room!

I also got posters with the kit and when we talk about one, we hang that character up.




There is also a YouTube video where you can learn more about them.


This has been the best money I have spent in my classroom this year for sure! You can get them from their web-site or you can order them off of Amazon. You don’t have to buy the entire kit at once. You can always build your own little kit of them a little at a time. I promise you that it will open up all sorts of great discussions for you and your students. It might even help you understand your students better.

Of course, you can leave this as a discussion or you can have your kiddos respond through writing. You could also do it whole group and display this on your board to help with discussion. You all can thank Brittany for this because she made it and said I could share it with you all 🙂



  1. I have never heard of these before. I am going to check it out on Amazon right now! Thanks for the great suggestion.