Mother’s Day Freebie

Did you remember that Sunday is Mother’s Day?

Do you know that I’m a first time mom and this snuck up on me…

So, I bought some white gift bags on the way home from school and had my kiddos decorate them. In the bag we put a few different items.

The first one was a list of “Why I Love My Mom”. This isn’t exactly what we used, but it was something like this.

I also made this mug and bought tea to attach to it.

IMG_0351 (1)


The kiddos just cut the mug out and then I attached the tea to it.


Easy peasy…especially if you are somewhat last minute like I am.

All you need to do is print this out (I think it looks better on colored paper but that’s up to you!) and have the kids cut it out. Run to the store and grab tea bags and you are all set!


I also love Katie’s Mother’s Day Spa idea.


 If you can work some magic and whip this together in two days, I tip my hat to you. However, it is so cute and you know those kiddos had so much fun having their moms at school with them!

Hope you are having a great Teacher Appreciation week!