As you all know, I am going to be teaching TK next year. TK stands for “transitional kindergarten”, which is basically for those kiddos that come to K that are right on the cutoff but their parents don’t want to send them to pre-k for another year. If you want to read more about it, you can check out my lorazepam online buy.

Since I’ll be doing something a little different, I need some different materials for these kiddos. I know that I can make my own paper books and I know I can buy sets but when I saw these cute readers from my friendbuy ativan lorazepam…I knew I had to try them!

I still will be doing reading groups and sending home books with my students so I thought these looked perfect!


I hate that I’m not in the classroom right now and can’t get pictures of my kids using these books but I promise to have some once we start back to school. I love these readers because of bright pictures and the focus on repetitive sentence structure. I use the “helping hand” with my students and these books follow cues I give my kids early on in learning how to read.


These books are so perfect for those first two cues that I give my students…saying the first sound and checking the picture.


I also love the little paws for helping students track print from left to right. Here’s a cute little buy ativan uk of a student using one of the readers.


I love that these books are written by a teacher because she just gets it! She knows what builds confidence in early readers and I can’t wait to add these to my classroom library!

If you are interested in adding these readers to you library, check out her xanax order lorazepamfor more information and how you can get your hands on these cute little books!