NEAEC Conference


I am so excited to be a part of the NEAEC conference this year! Each time I do a conference, I try to summarize what we talked about. I also put everything in my TpT store on sale for the day of the conference and day following and this is no different. Here is a summary of the sessions!

Work-sheet Free Wednesday

I am so excited about this session because I feel like so many of us get stuck doing the same thing over and over. This all started when I wanted to do a work-sheet free day in my classroom. You can read all about that in my work-sheet free Wednesday post.


This session is jam packed but here are the units I referenced throughout the session.


Here is the blog post for Vowel Surgery if you are needing a recap of how to run this activity.


I also talked about the day we did Punctuation Police.


Again, there is a blog post with more details or if you forgot something I said, reference this post! It will help 🙂


 A fun game we play at the beginning of the year is ABC football. Here is the post and unit.



Word Wall Wizard is such a fun sight word game to play. Once the kids get the hang of it, you might even find them playing it on their own by the word wall!


I also have a fun math game called “Minus Mustache” and an Eric Carle craft re-tell activity that my kids always love doing in place of work-sheets.



Something that we do in my class is oral presentations. We do it once a month and the students work on speaking and listening while staying on topic 🙂


Now that my fingers are ready to fall off, I’ll start my post for Tuesday! Come back tomorrow and see what we are going to be talking about and what resources you can find!

Frazzle-Free Classroom and Behavior Management

For the behavior and classroom management session, we talked about topics from routines to great programs. This is a “think sheet” that I send home with parents after they have had a rough day at school. It’s way for parents to talk to their child at home if they had a difficult day at school. It also helps students know that parents and teachers are on the same team. I sit down with the student and we discussed what happened and why they are having to bring home a think sheet. You can click on the picture to get your own copy.


This is a question/comment sort that you can also download for free.


I love this unit from Deedee about getting organized for the year. There are a ton of resources in here for you to use with your students.


If you are someone that wants to have a clip chart for your students, but you don’t want it for everyone to see…you should try out Rachelle’s mini-behavior charts. I love this idea!


I also use these early finisher drawers in my classroom and love them!


There were also a few other ideas that I mentioned in the sessions today.



Jump Start to the New School Year!

These are posters that I have in my room as visuals for my kiddos to help them with the different between b and d. It seems to help them and they start to say it in their head



Here is the unit with all of the color day activities from all of the books that I mentioned in my presentation.


Here is the assessment packet that we use at the very beginning of the year to assess letters, sounds, rhyming words, syllables, numbers, counting, etc…

original-812542-1 (1)

More activities for the beginning of the year. All of the stations for the beginning of the year, book responses, differentiated emergent readers and math activities can be found in this unit.


Again, another fun way to go over letters and sounds is ABC Football. If you would also like to play with your kiddos, you can recreate it yourself or you can buy it ready to go.


This unit is filled with activities for the beginning of the year…mainly before kids start school. These are practice pages that you can do with your students before they head out to Kindergarten.


This is the unit for all of the Dust Bunny activities.


Last, but certainly, not least…oral presentations. These start the first month we are in school and we do one a month until May. I also have a set for first grade. 


I’m not sure if other peeps are having sales this week, but I do want to share the link for Kathleen’s ABC Centers for the Frugal Teacher. I love these centers for the beginning of the year!


Whew! I think that’s all!

If you have any further questions, please leave a comment and I will try to get back to you as soon as I can!


  1. Maya Dudte says:

    You were amazing today! Thank you for sharing so many wonderful ideas! I am so glad you got home in time to love on sweet Francy.

  2. Kristi Cocke says:

    I was wondering about the different songs you play in your classrooms. I remember you mentioned several of them at the conference, but unfortunately, I didn’t write them all down. Do you have a specific playlist?