October Curriculum Map

Well it has been a hot minute since I have written a post and let me tell you, it’s not because I don’t want to! BUT doing my new little TK class and having Amelia (who has been sick pretty much the entire time she’s been back to school #kidgerms) hasn’t left me a ton of time to jump in here to let you know how things are going.

Let me tell you so far what I love about TK…

All. of. it.

The end.

It’s the best decision I think I could have made! The biggest difference is we just move a little slower in here, which is totally ok with me! We are still talking about letters and sounds and it’s almost October. If I were in the regular K classroom, I’d be panicking a little if kiddos didn’t know all of their letters and most sounds by now. We’re still getting there in here (and like I said before) I’m good with that!

Here is a little peek in to what we are going to be doing in October. If the font is in red, that means that it’s a carry over from September.


slide1 slide2

The phonemic awareness Set 2 isn’t quite ready yet but I’m hoping that it will be soon! The tree walk (freebie 🙂 is one of my all time favorite things we do in the fall.

All of these resources can be found in my TpT store or Deanna Jump’s TpT store.


  1. Hey there! I had the pleasure of seeing you in Vegas this past Summer at the I Teach K conference and I think you have fabulous ideas. I am implementing BUILD in my classroom and I have questions regarding the U part. What might “Using Manipulatives” look like in your classroom. I feel like some of my boxes are running together and I need help deciphering. Thank you!