Peek at my Week and Nashville Meetup!

Peek at my Week Linky Button Deedee was on. it. this morning. I am just now getting my plans to you. It may or may not be because I am on {woot woo} Fall Break. I am feeling pretty accomplished that these are done and I don’t even have to suffer through a Monday tomorrow! I am just a little chipper about getting to stay up and watch all the TV I want! Are you jealous? Sorry…rubbing it in a little. Slide1 Slide2 The theme this week is apples and I have an allergy so no apple tasting or apple sauce this year. Just basically going to focus on how parts make up a whole and life cycle of a tree. #bummer.

Now moving on to more important things…

TpT hit 100,000 likes on Facebook which is a little ridiculous that there are that many people. Just in general.

So they are having a sale and so am I. Got this cute image over at Teachery Tidbits. I am having a flash sale too for the celebration until tomorrow.  flash sale (1)

And now for the big announcement that you have all been waiting for…

Start putting your pennies in a jar because you are not going to want to miss out on this fun!

Get your boots ready people because we are having a blogger bash here in Nashville in December!!! Slide1

So now you have some time to plan!

Remember all of those amazing pictures from last weekend?!? Well, don’t you want to come and hang out with me and Greg for the weekend? I’m sure that it won’t take much convincing to get Deedee and the girls back here!

Greg and I thought this would be the perfect weekend to do it since it will be after the craziness of the holidays and it’s the half way mark until Vegas. I need to see my peeps. I just can’t wait til Vegas!

We won’t have the exact location of the meet-up until we know how many people are coming. We will have a sign-up a little closer to the date so we can gauge how many of you are going to come show Nashville {everyone right?} . We are going to start contacting some friends to help sponsor and have some fun things to giveaway to all of you lovelies. There is a chance that Opryland and Monnells are in your near future.

We just need to see faces sometimes too.Knowing each other behind the computer is just not the same as it is face to face.

So you’re coming right?

See you in December!!!




  1. Holy cow we’re going to have a blast!!!!!! Nashville might never be the same!!

  2. Oh I just live sooooooo far (Cali). That sounds like so much fun!

  3. I live in Nash but will be out of town with family for the holidays. Boo!! I’m sad to miss it =(

    K-3 Connection

  4. Um…those might be the dates we’ve booked to come. Hopefully I can sneak away from the family for a bit!

  5. Kristy Pruett says:

    We would love to come. If you need any help or something for a give away, let us know. We’re not far away at all.

    Thanks, Kristy from Teachingtimes2

  6. I am hoping all goes as planned and we can join in on the fun. We are coming from Missouri, so Ole’ Deedee might be in for another road trip. Can’t Wait!!!

  7. So excited!!! Cannot wait for this! It is marked on my calendar!!

  8. I’m going to mark it out on my schedule!!! 🙂 I don’t want to miss the fun! Can’t wait!!!