Happy Saturday!

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People ask, does it really only take 5 minutes?


Once you start to get in the groove, you get a little quicker and the students know what to expect. I have a FB live you can watch for this set if you are wondering how we go through these exercises.

I have a week for you to try out to see if it is a good fit for your classroom. If you haven’t start with buy ativan lorazepam, I would begin there first!


There will be 2 more sets of 8 week activities that I will start working on. It will be bundled, but not until I am finished with all 4 sets. For the first couple of days, the unit is on sale for the bundle price.

If you would like a chance to win buy ativan lorazepam and xanax order lorazepam, all you have to do is Pin it for me!

Click on the picture cover and it will take you to TpT. Please pin from there or you can Pin It from right here. When you hover over the picture there will be a “Pin It” button in the corner. Then, please leave your e-mail so I can pick a winner on Monday!



  1. Jaime says:

    I pinned it!!
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    Pinterest – ChrisJaime Williams

  2. Jennifer Allen says:

    I would love to win a set. This is a great routine and so helpful to cement the skills.

  3. Ellen Coan says:
  4. Jean Brown says:

    Great, quick activities! I pinned them.

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    Pinterest username- palmettomom


  5. Britney Morris says:

    I pinned it.
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    Looks like a great set can’t wait to use it in my K-1 class!

  6. I would <3 to win! buy lorazepam online canada

  7. That was awesome!!

    • Dee says:

      PS I did pin it….would love to win. Perfect for my first grade EL students. Great ideas!

  8. Awesome resources! I pinned them botht here: buy ativan canada

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  9. Michelle Whitehead says:

    I pinned it too. I would love to win a set, as this is what I need. Thanks.
    Pinned under phonics gr. 1 for Michelle Whitehead

  10. Lakesha Clark-Willis says:

    I pinned it.
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  11. Jennifer Allen says:

    Hahaha I forgot to leave my email buy ativan fast delivery I definitely pinned it.

  12. Pam Lamb says:

    I love these. We are finishing up the first set and now I have the second set. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, these!! My kids love them and are doing great! Thank you!!

  13. Jessie says:

    Just wanted to say awesome work! I know you must put a lot of time and energy into your sets. I love your videos too! Your enthusiasm for teaching and love for your students really shows. I really appreciate the sets as well as the teaching ideas. Keep up the amazing work!