Sentence Chant

Chants are something that I have been doing with my kids since I’ve been teaching. It all started with the penny chant, “Penny, penny, worth one cent. Copper brown and easily spent.” We all know the coin chants…right? My mentor teacher (from when I was student teaching) did chants all day long. I have been meaning to be better about posting the ones that I do with my students so here is one that we do whenever we are practicing sentence writing.


When we do calendar notebook, we must say at least 5 different chants to go along with whatever little skill we are working on.  It’s nothing fancy (none of the chants are…). It just helps to reiterate what we have been learning all year. Using correct capitalization and recognizing punctuation are two standards that we work on all year. This chant gets ingrained in their little heads and I can hear them whispering it to themselves when they are writing 🙂


Students start in their seats and when we say “Capital”, they stand up with their hands in the air. Then, when we say punctuation, they do three little hand bursts as they sit down.

You can watch the chant in action by clicking on the picture.


Maybe this is something you can incorporate in to your day to help students remember to start their sentence with a capital and end it with punctuation.