Subtraction Chant

I’m channeling my inner Ron Clark/Amy Lemons with this subtraction chant.

My kids struggle every. single. year. with subtraction. It is so hard for their little minds to grasp the concept of moving back. They inevitably start adding without even meaning to. Amy came up with some really cute chants for verbs and regrouping. I wish one was a Kindergarten skill because I would have totally used hers! I woke up at 3:45 a.m. (praying that there was snow outside my window…ugh…but there wasn’t) and this little chant came to my brain for when we start subtraction (which was today).


*Right click to save it as an image*

I came up with little movements to go with it because I think actually having them step back makes them remember the concept of moving backwards on the number line.


It was cute to see them doing the little dance while they worked on their subtraction problems.

Hope it helps!


  1. Pamela King says:

    My kiddos flew through addition but seem to have hit a brick wall with subtraction. Glad to know it’s somewhat “normal.” 🙂 I’m trying your chant tomorrow to see if it helps. Thanks!