Teachers of Instagram Linky Party!

This week is my “blogiversary” and I to be honest, I wanted to think of a way to celebrate without having to do a crazy giveaway! I love doing giveaways. However, the giveaway happened this weekend at our Nashville Blogger Meetup. While we were all together, we chatted about how much we all love Instagram. I also came to the realization that I have never hosted my own linky party. (#loser #maybenobodywilllinkup #linkupandimeanit)

Obvi, I love Instagram because I can hashtag.


For my blogiversary, I am asking you all to link up your top 3 favorite instagram pictures from 2013.

The only rules are:

1. That you can’t link up a product (That’s just tacky…).

2. Make sure to check out at least three other linker-uppers (it’s a word).

 Hopefully, this will be a great way for more of us to connect on Instagram! Make sure to link up to your blog but let us know what your Instagram name is so we can follow you (mine is @kickinitinkindergarten)!

Here are my top 3 from 2013.  securedownload (1)

3. This is a picture I took back in the Fall of us in front of our future home! We are (hopefully) going to be moving in at the end of January. It has been so fun to watch our house be built from the ground up. I showed this picture to my class because I was so excited and the only response I got was a confused look and the comment, “You live in a dirt house?”


2. The best part about blogging has been all of the friends that I have met! I know that I am a bit of a newbie, but I am so thankful for the open arms that the blogging community has welcomed me with. I have made some wonderful and lasting friendships along the way. It has given me the opportunity to really get to know some truly amazing and inspirting teachers.This was a picture taken when some of the very tame bloggers got together for a weekend in Nashvegas. 1456970_10101185060561342_364822196_n

1. I think this goes without saying. I just got this e-mail from a parent a week ago. Jon and I were driving to Louisville to celebrate Christmas when I read it. I tried reading it to him and got choked up.

I love my job <3

 Your turn 🙂


  1. I enjoy reading your blog and I am linking up to your party!

  2. Love the comment about the dirt house…hahahaha. Thanks for hosting such a fun linky party! I am all about IG. It is my favorite.

    Mrs. Pauley’s Kindergarten

  3. Hey! I wanted to reply to your message on my blog via email but couldn’t. Anyway, I feel the same way so I guess we’re both kinda creepy! Haha! 😉 Hopefully we get to actually meet soon!! I’m really hoping to make it to Vegas this summer for the conference! Will you be there again?!

    ✿ Regina
    Keepin It Krazy

  4. Thanks for hosting this fun linky! I’m much better at posting on Instagram than I am with my blog these days! I remember when we were building our house. It was so fun to go check on it each day and see the progress!


  5. Thank you for hosting this. I just discovered Instagram a few months ago and am still looking for people to follow-these blogs that link up will be a great resource for me!

  6. Such a cute idea 🙂 Definitely linky up! Check mine out & I’ll for sure add you too. Happy New Year!

    Instagram: ___lovelee

  7. Thank you for hosting this and making it so easy during this busy time! I loved seeing photos from your Nashvegas trip! I would love to meet up with a group like this some day! Happy New Year!!!

  8. Jen Seltzer says:

    Thanks for hosting the fun linky! I’m just getting started on Instagram so I love meeting the teachers of Instragram!

    An Adventure in Literacy

  9. Thanks for this cool linky!

  10. I love, love Instagram! I am an elementary teacher. Currently I am setting up a public blog. I’ve had a private family blog for years. I signed up for Bloglovin’ tonight and found your site. Please include me!
    My Instagram name is jensp81.