Teachers Be Shoppin’ Linky Party

I’ve read a couple of articles this summer about how much $$$ teachers are spending in their classrooms. We all know this is true because we all put our blood, sweat, and tears in to our rooms. We try to make it magical (and organized) for our kids. A couple of teachers shared this post on FB this year and it is so true…What You See in Today’s Public School is a Mirage . If you haven’t read it, do yourself a favor and make it happen before you finish this post!

On that note, I know you have all been shopping.

Hello…it is basically what I’m best at. Who else (besides Hope King…just kidding) would host a shopping linky party?

It’s what we do. Not only because we have to but because we want to. If you aren’t spending extra money on your classroom then either you have an amazing Donors Choose project or your scholastic points are off the chain 🙂


Here’s what I’ve been shopping for:

This was my big purchase for the summer. The one that I had (with no storage) just wasn’t cutting it. I had baskets tied on the side with string…it was a bit pathetic. It’s on sale at the moment in case you are in the market for one.

writing centerpng

I love all of the room for storage. I’m going to school to put it together and there is nothing more exciting than a solid easel…really.

If you have followed me for any amount of time…you already know that I am obsessed with Oliver Jeffers. I had this bad boy on pre-order and it is SO cute! I can’t wait to use it for math. It’s all about zero and how other words can be used in place of zero. It’s really funny…just trust me. If you don’t know who Oliver Jeffers is, then you are missing out!

securedownload (4)

I am always looking for good deals at the dollar store. There is a new “dollar” store called “Five Below” where it’s a more expensive version of the dollar store :-p I found these games when I was in there checking out the “fancy dollar store”. They will be perfect for a beginning of the year literacy station and math tub.

securedownload (3)

So what is everyone shopping for? I want to see!!!

Because I have a shopping habit…some might call it a problem.

It’s very simple. Link up back here with the image and let us know what you’re shopping for this year for your classroom. I know you all are keeping Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Parent Teacher Store, Oriental Trading, Scentos, etc…in business. Please don’t link up to anything other than your blog post or I will be having a date with the delete button #justsayin. If you don’t have anything school related this week, then show off your new purse and fab shoes. There aren’t a ton of rules with this one y’all.

This linky will be going through the month of August {every Monday} so if you don’t have anything to post about today, then come back next week!



  1. You know I love shopping! I will be linking up later today. You are going to love that easel. I have a similar one and I love all the storage underneath.

  2. I LOVED this post. I already had pics to share! Linked up and lovin’ it. I am already on my way to Amazon to see about Oliver Jeffers. How did I not know about him? Thanks for a great post!

  3. Opps! My link (the 3rd link posted) doesn’t work. Can you delete? Sorry!

  4. What a great linky! 🙂

  5. Hey Elizabeth! I haven’t done much shopping (yet) — all my money this summer is going to the dentist and a new furnace. Ugh.

    I have been re-arranging my house, and I’m taking in some old bookshelves etc. Going in this week to paint as well, before they mount my SMARTboard — I’m so excited!

  6. LOVE this linky!! Office Depot is having a teacher appreciation sale until tomorrow– so many great sales if you need supplies 🙂

  7. I bought that very same easel last year! My new district does not provide them, so I bought it from Amazon.. I love it!

  8. You know I have not yet heard of Oliver Jeffers. Thanks for sharing because now I can check him out. And how awesome are those puzzles you found! They look almost identical to some I purchased from Lakeshore a few years ago and I bet they were half the price. 🙂


  9. Loved this!! It was my first linky party!! 🙂 Too fun. Thanks for starting!! 🙂
    P.S- LOVE Oliver Jeffers!! <3

  10. Thanks for the fabulous linky idea! I love seeing what other teachers have purchased! What a great way to share ideas! Will definitely be linking up again!

  11. I’m all linked up!!! 🙂 Great! Great idea! I pinned it too! 🙂 So fun to see what other’s are buying!