Teachers Be Shoppin’ Linky

I loved seeing everybody and all of their shopping goodies from last week. It just kind of makes me feel better about myself…

The problem is that you don’t just make it all in one trip. If you do, then I need your autograph. I think Target is already sick of me. #buticantgetenough

To keep the shopping spirits high…link up again with all of your classroom and/or personal goodies. If you didn’t get around to is last week, then no worries. It will be around until we all quit shopping so much.


Here are the “rules”

It’s very simple. Link up back here with the image and let us know what you’re shopping for this year for your classroom. I know you all are keeping Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Parent Teacher Store, Oriental Trading, Scentos, etc…in business. Please don’t link up to anything other than your blog post or I will be having a date with the delete button #justsayin. If you don’t have anything school related this week, then show off your new purse and fab shoes. There aren’t a ton of rules with this one y’all.

This linky will be going through the month of August {every Monday} so if you don’t have anything to post about today, then come back next week!

Here was my damage from the week:


I love having lamps in my room. Sometimes, I will turn the ceiling lights off and just use the light from the lamps. The fluorescent lights can give me a headache and seems to make the kids a little more “active”…I should say. I don’t keep them off, but sometimes it’s a nice option. I had some random lamps and replaced them with these cute ones from Target. In the attempt to keep my room somewhat matching…


I’m not really thrilled with the purchase of a toolbox, but it was a necessity to have so I could build this monstrosity. I am always borrowing tools from other teachers so it was probably time to

Tools, tears, and three hours later…

Boom. Nailed it.


I’ve also discovered that I have a Big Lots addiction. Their Back to School section is out of this world. I have been hunting these bad boys down for the past couple of days. Not only did I have another teacher hit up the Big Lots by her house for more, I sent my husband to the one in Knoxville while he was out of town for work to complete the collection. To my surprise, they don’t have an endless amount of tubs that I need in the colors that I want 🙂


My kids broke my dust pan from last year. It could have something to do with the fact that I grabbed it out of the $1 section a few years ago. It was time for a new one. Again, this is a Big Lots find…


I also made my way to Hobby Lobby and got a new Work Station Board done up. The border is a decorative tuile that I just twisted together. There wasn’t really anything wrong with the other setup I had…I just needed a change.


Can’t wait to see all of your goodies!


  1. So I’m laughing pretty hard right now. I walked into the Knoxville Big Lots this week and thought, “Man, some teacher really racked up!” because they were almost entirely out! I guess that teacher could have been you! 🙂 haha I went to a nearby town that had plenty of bins and stocked up though. Love that store…and I’m obsessed with these bins!

  2. Oh yes! The easel was a giant pain to put together! But it has held up so great this year. I love the storage bins!

  3. Elizabeth!

    YOU ROCK!! I L-O-V-E your lamps and that easel means business! Plus, your purchase of a toolkit reminds me that I totally need one! Gotta go, off to BIG LOTS to find those bins! Tootles!

  4. Love this linky!! I’m going to have to link up next week!! :o) I’ve been stalking Big Lots too, I love those bins!!